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Word Definition

Lacunar Infarction

A blockage in the tiny blood vessels deep within the brain which causes an ischaemic stroke.
Lacunar infarction is a blockage deep inside your brain. 

Tiny blood vessels can get blocked. 

This is what causes an ischaemic stroke.


Low molecular weight heparin
Low molecular weight heparin


The brain is made up of different areas called lobes. Each lobe controls a different function in the body.
A lobe is an area of the brain.

A lobe controls a function of the body.

Each lobe has a different function.


Getting from place to place by walking, using a wheelchair, climbing stairs, etc.
Locomotion means moving from one place to another. 

This might be: 
  • Walking
  • Using a wheelchair
  • Climbing stairs


Length of stay
Length of stay

Low density lipoprotein

Also known as the bad cholesterol. A compound consisting of a lipid and a protein that carries the majority of the total cholesterol in the blood and deposits the excess along the inside of arterial walls.
Low density lipoprotein is a type of particle in your body. 

It is also known as ‘bad cholesterol’.

It carries fats to cells and artery walls.


Lee Silverman voice treatment
Lee Silverman voice treatment