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Living Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management

Living guidelines processThe Australian and New Zealand Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management are living guidelines, updated as new evidence emerges. They supersede the 2017 Clinical Guidelines.

How to use the guidelines

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  • See a list of all updates, plus drafts for consultation.

If you have any questions, please contact guidelines@strokefoundation.org.au


The Clinical Guidelines cover the whole continuum of stroke care, across 8 chapters.



Glossary and abbreviations

Chapter 1: Pre-hospital care

Chapter 2: Early assessment and diagnosis

Chapter 3: Acute medical and surgical management

Chapter 4: Secondary prevention

Chapter 5: Rehabilitation

Chapter 6: Managing complications

Chapter 7: Discharge planning and transfer of care

Chapter 8: Community participation and long-term care

Suggest a new topic or question

Have we missed anything important? To keep the living guidelines relevant, our project steering committee annually reviews the topics the guidelines cover and the questions about practice that they answer.

We welcome suggestions for new topics to consider during our annual review.

Please email your suggestions to guidelines@strokefoundation.org.au

Short summaries

Consumer resources

Discipline-specific summaries

Development process

Details of how we develop the guidelines, along with administrative and technical reports and other documents required for NHMRC approval, can be found under Guidelines development process.

This includes a current list of working group members and other people involved in developing the guidelines.

Implementation tools

In this video, Co-chair of the Guidelines Content Working Group, Assoc. Prof. Coralie English, explains the guidelines for stroke rehabilitation:

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