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Two new stroke management education units for nurses

Angels InitiativeASNEN Acute Stroke Nurses Education Network Ltd

The Angels Initiative and the Acute Stroke nurses Education Network (ASNEN) have announced that two NEW Module 2 units are now available as part of the education program From Theory to Practice: Stroke Management for Nurses.

Module 2: Hyper-acute stroke management

Unit 3: Hyperacute brain imaging

60 minutes
Voiceover provided by Tanya Frost

Understand the role of imaging in the assessment of patients presenting with suspected stroke, according to national best practice standards.

Unit 4: Medical recanalisation – thrombolysis for ischaemic stroke

60 minutes
Voiceover provided by Skye Coote

Confidently understand the role of the nurse in:

  • a Code Stroke in a metropolitan or regional hospital both in and out of hours
  • managing patients presenting with stroke in the hyper-acute phase according to national best practice standards, thereby optimising patient outcomes.

Access the full education program.

More units from Module 2 will become available over the next few weeks.

For other stroke management resources and education, visit the Angels Initiative website.