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Participate in research about aphasia best practice

In Australian aphasia services, best-practice recommendations are not always implemented consistently.

The Centre for Research Excellence in Aphasia Recovery and Rehabilitation (Aphasia CRE) is conducting research to identify the most important best-practice recommendations to implement and measure in clinical practice. To do this, they are seeking input from Australian clinicians (of any discipline) and researchers (of any career stage) who work with people with aphasia.

The researchers are also seeking the perspectives of people with the lived experience of aphasia. There is a separate 'aphasia-friendly' survey for people with aphasia and their families which will be circulated shortly.

The first part of this research involves completing 2 short surveys (approximately one month apart) to rate the importance of 23 aphasia best practice recommendations. These recommendations have been chosen because they have strong research evidence and/or because people living with aphasia have said they are important.

Participants will also have the option to participate as members of an expert panel in two subsequent consensus meetings.  You can choose to participate in the surveys only, or the surveys and one or both consensus meetings. 

Learn more about this project and complete the first survey

Please feel free share this invitation with any Australian clinicians or researchers who work with people with aphasia.

Survey closes Friday 19 November 2021.