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Stroke Unit Certification & 30/60/90 National Stroke Targets

Tuesday 4 June 2024, 2–3 pm AEST

National Webinar Series 

Presented by Professor Tim Kleinig, with Leah Pett, Kelvin Hill & Tanya Frost

Join Professor Timothy Kleinig in discussing the Australian Stroke Coalition's (ASC) Stroke Unit Certification and the 30/60/90 National Stroke Targets with Australian stroke clinicians.

Every Australian with a new acute stroke deserves best-practice, timely stroke care. Aligning on National Stroke Targets is the first step in a collaborative effort to support hospitals, stroke teams and Australian states and jurisdictions to provide best-practice, time-critical stroke care for their patients, and to reduce avoidable stroke-related deaths and disability.

By 2030:

  • National median endovascular clot retrieval door to puncture time < 30mins for transfers
  • National median thrombolysis door to needle time <60mins
  • National median door in door out time for endovascular clot retrieval < 60mins in metro hospitals*
  • National median endovascular clot retrieval door to puncture time < 90mins for primary presenters
  • Certified stroke unit care provided to > 90% of patients with primary stroke diagnosis.

Register today to learn more about the following:

  • Stroke Unit Certification Program
  • Stroke Unit Certification Registrations
  • National Stroke Targets
  • National Stroke Targets Action Plan.


About the presenter

Tim Kleining

Professor Tim Kleinig is Head of the Royal Adelaide Comprehensive Stroke Unit, Chair of the SA Stroke Community of Practice, President of the Australian and New Zealand Stroke Organisation and Co-chair of the Australian Stroke Coalition.

He is active in clinical stroke research across the spectrum of stroke research, from epidemiological stroke research to acute stroke imaging and treatments, for both intracerebral haemorrhage and ischaemic stroke, to recovery.


About the panelists

Leah Pett

Leah Pett is the Senior Project officer, ASC Stroke Unit Certification, and Health Professional Engagement Coordination at the Stroke Foundation.

Leah is an occupational therapist with a Master of Health Science, Stroke Management, and has strong links in the areas of education, community and rehabilitation.


Kelvin Hill

Kelvin Hill is the National Manager Clinical Services at the Stroke Foundation, where he oversees the development and implementation of the Australian Living Stroke Guidelines, the National Stroke Audit and other national clinical and policy activity.

He is also actively involved in national and international efforts to improve guideline methods and their implementation.


Tanya Frost

Tanya Frost is an Acute Stroke Nurse Consultant with Eastern Health, Victoria. She has been working in stroke care since 2010, where she was one of the leads in the development of a stroke service at Latrobe Regional Hospital in Gippsland, Victoria.

Since 2012 Tanya has been based at Eastern Health, Victoria working as the acute stroke nurse. Her focus has been coordinating stroke care processes and coordinating stroke services at a busy primary stroke centre.