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How do we improve the uptake of research evidence in healthcare?

NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability

Wednesday 27 July 2022, 4 pm AEST

Health system sustainability centres around the ability of our health system to address the health needs of our population both now, and in the future. A critical part of health system sustainability is the utilisation and translation of research: an ongoing challenge that faces clinicians, policy makers, researchers, and funding bodies.

Research translation therefore requires novel strategies that can be applied to improve the implementation of research findings into best practice. One such strategy is the Research Translation Project (RTP) program, which is funded by the Western Australian Department of Health. The program aims to improve healthcare practice through funding short-term research projects that focus on translating research outcomes into healthcare policy.

In this webinar, Associate Professor Delia Hendrie and Ms Abby Mosedale (Curtin University) will discuss their evaluation of the RTP program using a realist evaluation framework.

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