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9th National Brain Injury Conference

Tuesday 24 – Thursday 26 September 2024

Adelaide Oval, South Australia

Founded in 1986, Brain Injury Australia is the nation’s peak advocacy organisation representing the over 700,000 Australians living with a brain injury. Alongside providing policy advice to Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, and representing consumers on a range of advisory groups, Brain Injury Australia also drives multi-year public education campaigns on: the leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI) – falls – due to the ageing of our population; people with a brain injury in the criminal justice system (as many as 80 per cent of adult prisoners report 1 or more brain injuries); the leading cause of death and disability in children who have been abused – inflicted TBI (sometimes referred to as “Shaken Baby Syndrome”); TBI in the military (1 in every 10 Australian Defence Force personnel who served in the Middle East reported a post-deployment TBI); women, domestic and family violence and TBI; and concussion in sport.

Brain Injury Australia’s annual Conference has become one of the premier learning and development events on the disability calendar – driving improvements in services and supports for people living with a brain injury, their families and carers.

The Conference will be opened by Nat Cook, the South Australian Minister for Human Services. Before entering politics, Nat spent nearly 30 years as a nurse in specialty areas including brain injury rehabilitation. After her 17-year-old son, Sam, died in 2008 due to a Traumatic Brain Injury from a one-punch assault, Nat and her husband set up The Sammy D Foundation which has “educated over 180,000 young people about the consequences of violent behaviour, and the risks associated with alcohol and drug misuse”.

As with all previous National Brain Injury Conferences, Brain Injury Australia will put the voice of people with a brain injury at the centre of the Conference program, including the annual “Consumer Opening Address”.