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9. Chronic Stroke Review Tool - Goal setting

Estimated time:
30 minutes
Kim Brock & Christine Graven, Physiotherapy Department.
Last updated:
5 May 2017

9. Chronic Stroke Review Tool - Goal setting


This module is part of the Chronic Stroke Review Tool and Intervention Guide (Chronic Stroke Rev-TIG), a training course and assessment tool for reviewing the ongoing needs of stroke survivors and their carers following their post-stroke rehabilitation.

It is designed for allied health and nursing clinicians who work with people with chronic stroke, usually in the community setting.

One of eight topic domains, this module provides key information on the topic and an evidence-based process for assessing and identifying flags for treatment interventions and referral options.

To find out more about the full set of resources, please see the Chronic Stroke Rev-TIG.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the theoretical basis of goal setting and the potential contribution of goal setting to recovery
  • Utilise strategies to assist stroke survivors and their families to actively pursue their own personal goals.


Developed by St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Stroke Foundation, with funding support from the Victorian Stroke Clinical Network.

Authors: Kim Brock & Christine Graven, Physiotherapy Department.

Collaborators: Carol Silberberg, Mental Health; Lauren Sanders, Neurology; Tamara Tse, Occupational Therapy, Kathryn Mc Kinley, Speech Pathology; Alison Turner & Melissa Birnbaum, Physiotherapy Department, Stroke Foundation Clinical Council

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