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Module 2 Stroke types

Estimated time:
10 mins
Last updated:
3 June 2020

Module 2 Stroke types


Stroke types is module two in a series of six modules, which aim to provide rural and regional nurses with an overview of stroke care. To find out more about the full set of resources, please visit Stroke care: an overview for rural and regional nurses.

Learning objectives

  • Define stroke.
  • Recall the symptoms of stroke.
  • Differentiate a haemorrhagic from an ischaemic stroke.


Thanks to Liza Hofma, Associate Nurse Unit Manager, Emergency Department, Mount Gambier & Districts Health Services; Lizzie Dodd, Nurse Consultant, Acute Stroke Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital; and A/Professor Timothy Kleinig, Stroke Unit Head, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Rural Clinical Stroke Lead for their assistance in developing the content for these modules.