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COVID-19 vaccine information for the stroke community

As the Australian Government rolls out its coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine program, the Stroke Foundation has answered some questions that members of the stroke community might have.

These questions include:

  • Why should I get vaccinated?
  • Is the vaccine safe for people who have had a stroke?
  • Are there things I need to tell my health professional before having the vaccine?
  • What if I am on blood thinners?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • Will I be able to pass on the virus if I’ve had the vaccine?
  • Do I still need to get vaccinated if I've already had COVID-19?
  • Can the vaccine give me COVID-19?
  • When will I get the vaccine?
  • Do I have to pay for the vaccine?
  • Which vaccine will I get?
  • How does the vaccine work?
  • Can I have two different vaccines?
  • Do I still need to have a flu vaccine?
  • How quickly does the vaccine work?
  • How long does the vaccine last?

This information is general in nature, guided by the Stroke Foundation Clinical Council. Anyone who is considering getting vaccinated or has concerns should talk to their doctor.

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