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Tele-PC Study invites cardiovascular clinicians for views on telehealth

The Tele-PC Study involves an anonymous online survey and an invitation to a single brief interview to examine clinician views and experiences of utilising telehealth to care for people with cardiovascular disease during 2020. This study explores access to telehealth, current use of telehealth, and thoughts about future utilisation of telehealth post-pandemic.

Cardiovascular clinicians (including specialists, GPs, nurses, nurse practitioners and allied health) who have used telehealth to provide care to patients with cardiovascular disease are invited to complete the survey 10-minute survey via this link.

Clinicians are also invited to participate in a brief semi-structured interview to discuss their views and experiences of providing cardiovascular care through telehealth. Interviews will be conducted by an experienced qualitative researcher (Dr Serra Ivynian) via telephone or zoom and will take 20-30 minutes.

Survey responses and interviews are not linked. Interviews will be conducted in November 2020 and seek to include a wide range of views and clinician roles and geographic areas amongst survey and interview participants. The research team are interested to involve clinicians who have used telehealth infrequently and those who have used it lighty/moderately/extensively this year.

The study is led by A/Professor Sally Inglis alongside Professor Peter MacDonald (St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and UNSW) and has been approved by the University of Technology, Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (UTS HREC reference number ETH20-4983). The study is funded by Maridulu Budyari Gumal (SPHERE: https://www.thesphere.com.au/).

If you would like to participate in an interview or would like further information, please contact Dr Serra Ivynian for more information at serra.ivynian@uts.edu.au.