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1000 reps a day: Strategies to increase amounts of practice in rehabilitation

Presented by Dr Simone Dorsch

Date: 30/10/2019
Venue: Australian Catholic University Campus, Fitzroy, Melbourne

To register: https://students.acu.edu.au/administration/forms/school_of_physiotherapy_workshop
Cost: $220.00
Enquiries to: simone.dorsch@acu.edu.au

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Outline the evidence for a dose-response relationship between amount of practice and outcomes
  • Describe strategies to increase patient motivation and empowerment
  • Describe effective instructions and feedback during practice
  • Describe strategies to set up the environment for safe and effective semi-supervised practice
  • Describe strategies to increase attendance and participation in classes
  • Outline the evidence for and describe strategies to increase carer involvement in practice
  • Outline the evidence for increasing adherence to independent exercise programmes
  • Discuss and implement strategies to increase intensity of practice in your workplace


How much is enough practice?

  • The evidence for a dose-response relationship between amount of practice and outcomes

Changing motivation:

  • Meaningful assessments
  • How to increase patient motivation and involvement in practice
  • Changing environments
  • Changing behaviour

Semi-supervised practice:

  • Structuring the environment for safe semi-supervised practice
  • Structuring the environment for effective semi-supervised practice
  • Increasing participation and attendance in classes
  • Using workstations to increase practice
  • Using devices to increase practice
  • Evidence for involving carers in patient practice
  • Strategies for involving carers in patient practice

One to one practice:

  • Optimal amount and frequency of instructions
  • Internal and external focus of instructions
  • Optimal type, amount and frequency of feedback
  • Structuring the environment to drive practice

Independent practice:

  • Evidence for improving adherence to home exercise/ independent exercise programmes

Workshop material

The teaching material presented in this workshop has been developed by Simone Dorsch, Karl Schurr and Kate Scrivener from the StrokeEd group, www.StrokeEd.com.


Download the flyer to see the programme (PDF 294 KB)

Presenter: Simone Dorsch PhD MHlthSci(Neuro Physio) BAppSci(Physio)

Simone has worked in traumatic brain injury and stroke rehabilitation for over 20 years. She currently works as a Lecturer in neurological physiotherapy at the Australian Catholic University and a presenter for the StrokeEd collaboration. She has a Master of Health Science and she was awarded a PhD in 2012. Her PhD studies investigated loss of strength after Stroke and the effect of interventions to increase strength. Her current research focuses on strategies to increase amounts of practice in rehabilitation and the associations between impairments and activity limitations after Stroke. She teaches regularly nationally and internationally on Lower limb Retraining after Stroke, Balance Training and Increasing amounts of practice in rehabilitation.

Enquiries: simone.dorsch@acu.edu.au